08 - 10 AUGUST, 2017, ASTANA


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Dear Colleagues!
We are glad to announce
6thInternational Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Energy Storage Systems (INESS-2018)
joint with
10th International Symposium on Inorganic Phosphate Materials 2018 (ISIPM-10)
5th International Symposium on Innovations in Advanced Materials for Electronics&Optics 2018 (ISIAMEO-5)
organized by the Institute of Batteries (IoB),  National Laboratory Astana (NLA), Nazarbayev University (NU), Japanese Association of Inorganic Phosphorus Chemistry to be held on August 8-10, 2018 in Astana at Nazarbayev University ( and cordially invite you to participate!
INESS is included into the list of Global Events by Elsevier Inc.:


The joint conference topics cover the following and related areas:


  • Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy Application
  • Advanced Energy Storage, Conversion and Saving Systems
  • Materials for electrochemical sensor and electroanalytical applications
  • Materials and technology for alternative advanced energy applications
  • Catalysis and fuel cells
  • Battery monitoring and management systems
  • Battery safety and utilization
  • Development of electric vehicles and stationary energy storage
  • Modelling tools in materials science and energy conversion systems
  • Energy and environment

·     Basic science of phosphates (Processing of Elaboration, Phosphates Glasses & Glass Ceramics- Structure  & Applications, Apatite & Related Bio-Materials, Advanced Structural Analysis, Solid State  NMR, Spectroscopy,  Synchrotron Radiation)
·     Technology & uses (Anticorrosion & Catalytic Application, Phosphate Materials For Energy, Conversion and  Storage
·     High tech electronics & optics (Electronic Phosphate Materials, Opto-Electronic Materials
·     Beneficiation Of Phosphates  (Mineral Processes, Technology & Equipment – Nuclear waste), Phosphoric Acid Purification: Recivery of trace elements  (U, Cd, etc)
·     Phosphate and green Technologies

·     Basic concepts & models (Physics & chemistry of materials (single crystals & ceramics, polymer, composites, thin films and thick films, Defects, domains, interfaces of materials in electronic devices, Ferroelectrics, dielectrics, pyro electrics, piezoelectric, Ionic & electronic-ionic semi-conductors
·     Multi-ferroics & magneto-electric materials (Multi-ferroics, Magneto-electric materials)
·     Photonic materials (Opto-electronic materials, Luminescence-Phosphorescence, Materials for Non Linear Optics, Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
·     Processing & strucutres (Bulk Samples: Single crystals, ceramics, polymer, composites, thin films and thick films
·     Device & applications (Sensors, actuators, transducers, transformers, Memories, Opto-electronic devices `
·     Nano material (Structures at Nanoscale, Nanotechnology Applications)

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Block C2, Nazarbayev University
53 Kabanbay Batyr Ave
Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan